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Automated Electric Twist Tie Machine for Ice Bags

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Increased production speed and up to 5 times faster than hand-tying normal ice bags. Reduces Carpal Tunnel syndrome, is user-friendly, portable, and all the while only weighing 19 lbs.

There are several ways that this auto twist tie machine for ice bags can be secured down so that the machine doesn't "Walk" on the user:

  1. Suction cup feet can replace the standard rubber feet,
  2. Rubber feet can also be unscrewed and removed so that the machine can be bolted down onto a work table
  3. Can be mounted onto a pedestal stand 
  4. Is UL listed/CE Certified and either a 110V or 220V motors. 

This automated electric twist tie machine for ice bags is great for the baked goods & food products industry, besides plastic ice bags. Provides exponential speed over manual twist tying and ensures your ice bags are tied to perfection. A portable and durable automatic machine can produce air-tight and consistent closures with ease.

How it Works

The automatic twist tying machine is manufactured in the USA and contains a durable, all-metal frame. It is designed to wrap and twist tie material to close bags, bundle products, and secure wire and cables. The semi-automatic operation can deliver up to 60 tied plastic ice bags or bundles per minute with minimal effort. Insert the throat of the gathered ice bag at the 5/8" throat opening to trigger the tying mechanism and get a perfect twist-tied product. All bundles and bags are secured with 2-1/2 full twists of tie material. The Production Counter tracks usage and accountability for the upkeep of daily quotas. Safe and primed to obtain your ROI. 


  • LABOR-SAVING – 5x faster than hand-tying
  • AIDS PRODUCTION – Increased productivity improves the bottom line
  • CONSUMER FRIENDLY – Provides re-usable ties
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Quick and effortless to operate
  • EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY – Simple to use & helps reduce repetitive motion injuries

Safety First

Employee safety is a perpetual investment for Ice Bags Direct to ensure proper safeguards are in place. For one, the automated twist tie ice bag machine will not activate unless the lid is securely closed. As UL Listed machines, they are nationally recognized for Standards of Safety. CE Certification determined that the electric twist tie machine meets the European Market Safety, Health and/or Environmental requirements. An ever-present safety feature is contained in the lid.

Industries Served

Besides securely closing plastic ice bags. The automated electronic plastic ice bag machine is


  • bags of baked goods
  • bread
  • tortillas
  • cookies
  • candy
  • popcorn
  • cake pops
  • cords
  • cables
  • fiber optics
  • wire harnesses
  • medical tubing

RELATED INDUSTRIES ...will benefit from the speed, reliability, and consistency of the automatic Tie-Matic Ice Bag Twist Tying Machine.

  • baking 
  • foods
  • electrical
  • medical trades

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