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Ten pound Ice Bags on Plastic Wicket

10 lb Pure Ice Bags on Plastic Wicket (1,000 Bags/Case)


5 Plastic Wickets per case
200 bags per PLASTIC wicket
1,000 per case
12" x 20" + 3"
TRUE 1.5 mil bag thickness
Ten-pound ice bags on white plastic wicket
Twist Ties Included
Pre-printed Blue & White ink
Polar Bear Graphic

Our wholesale wicketed 10lb ice bags are pre-printed and mounted on a 7in PLASTIC wicket header. The bags are packaged 200 bags per wicket and each bag is open top. Each case of ice bags comes with Twist Ties to close the ice bags securely. All bags are in stock and ready to deliver immediately. Our products are made with virgin resins, which are FDA and USDA approved for contact with food. EVA has been added to these bags to increase their strength, puncture resistance, all the while reducing brittleness at ice cold temperatures of -20º F. 


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