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Plastic Ice Wrap Dispenser Handle

Plastic Ice Wrap Dispenser Handle - Heavy Duty


This plastic ice wrap dispenser with handle is industrial tough to provide time tested uses for wrapping and securing ice bags to an injured body part. The adjustable tensioning knob located on the top of the dispenser is there to provide just the right amount of tension when dispensing plastic wrap.

If the tension of the plastic wrap dispenser is too much you will struggle to wrap quickly, as the wrap will continue to tear. If the tension is to lose the roll of plastic wrap will either just spin around or frustratingly, come off.

This handheld dispenser can accommodate any of our plastic athletic stretch film ranging in width from 2" to 5" stretch film. The dispenser is ideal for applying plastic compression film to hold plastic ice bags securely in place on an injured area. Single hand, stretch wrap film dispenser is intended for rolls with a 3" core

This heavy-duty plastic wrap dispenser may just outlast all the athletes and coaches on the roster.

Ideal when using:

Color Tinted Stretch Wrap

Clear Rolls of Stretch Wrap

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